Exploring Mumbai

//Matharpacady:the quaint in the chaotic//

Perhaps I picked the right day to visit Matharpacady village, but I’d argue it is pleasant every day. Mostly identified with the shipbuilding dock in Mazagaon, Matharpacady village is shy of limelight. It derives its charm from the simplicity of its form and quaint reflections of its past.   Mumbai, often characterised by dilapidated buildings holds this… Continue reading //Matharpacady:the quaint in the chaotic//

Exploring Mumbai

Sassoon Docks- A Fishy Affair

"Uth na Moti!" Thus began our morning. I had to go on a photo walk and take pictures for a photography class of mine. Living in South Mumbai, I could think of a few heritage sites in the vicinity that I could capture, but some instinct had me decide on Sassoon Docks. I wasn't sure… Continue reading Sassoon Docks- A Fishy Affair