Exploring Mumbai

//Matharpacady:the quaint in the chaotic//

Perhaps I picked the right day to visit Matharpacady village, but I’d argue it is pleasant every day. Mostly identified with the shipbuilding dock in Mazagaon, Matharpacady village is shy of limelight. It derives its charm from the simplicity of its form and quaint reflections of its past.

down the darkness, into the sun
summer colours


the neighbourhood

Mumbai, often characterised by dilapidated buildings holds this hidden gem in the south west part of its area. Visible in this unusually peaceful locality are the oldest Portuguese style houses. With a tint of yellow prominent in its buildings, the occasional turquoise, green ivy and the blue sky create the perfect mixture of that give a sombre summer feel to this village.

conversations through the fence

Narrow lanes and intersecting orange columns are a guest’s best friend moving around in this area. Essentially an establishment borne during the times of the British, this area has a multicultural society owing to the docks. It also has a small Chinese temple called The Kwan Tai Shek temple which was built in 1919.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
subtle senses 

Matharpacady will probably not stay on in my memory forever, but I’m glad I went. Well, blogging about on the internet might help me with that though. Even for just a little bit, it’s reassuring to know that such simpler places exist,right here.


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