Thailand 7 Days

Go on a Thai Trip NOW

Have you been thinking about traveling but need that one push? I hope this article will be that for you. Let me just deconstruct a week long trip that would otherwise seem like a big deal-It’s not.

Thailand is a very tourist friendly Southeast Asian country. Compared to other beach destinations,it is very reasonably priced for all that it offers. The current currency Exchange rate is:


So, even the math is easy while conversion and not that heartbreaking – just multiply by two!

Then lets see, if I were to book a return flight today, a month in advance, from Mumbai to Phuket, it would cost me:screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-10-58-49-am



Visa on Arrival! I must’ve mentioned this before as well, Phuket was an ideal choice of arrival airport  according  to me since it’s a small uncrowded airport making the entire process very easy and very quick. The visa is about 2300 INR and then without much ado,you’re out of the airport!


There are vans and busses which take you to whichever part of the city you’re to go and mostly drops you right outside your hotel/hostel.


Phuket primarily has 3 main beaches- Patong, Karon and Kata.

I stayed in Patong for the first two days and that’s where you ought to be! Patong is very commercial and happening, in case you’re looking for something more relaxed you could consider the other two beaches. I stayed one night in Karon on my way back and I found it a bit dull. I also went to Kata that time for dinner to this superb bar that you MUST go to:

Surf House, Kata Beach Road


Now moving around the country is not difficult AT ALL. There are agents sitting every 20 metres and they’ve all got great offers and there’s mostly a decent degree of uniformity in the pricing… They all give a pick up and drop facility which makes things VERY easy.

I don’t know what you’d like to do, but here’s the itinerary I followed:

Day 1 :Arrival in Phuket 

Day 2: Scuba Diving

Day 3- 4 Koh Phi Phi 

Day 5-6 Aonang Bay|Railey Beach

Day 7: Karon | Kata| Phuket Airport ( Easy to find taxis for around 500 INR)



It’s much easier than you imagine! The biggest advantage of travelling alone is that you get to actually meet and interact with a lot of people whom if you were in a group you wouldn’t have. And even before I mention how interesting these people are, they are VERY HELPFUL.  If you’re travelling alone or with a friend, PLEASE try and stay in backpackers’  hostels. Also we’ve been brought up to believe that ‘hippies’ are people you ought to stay away from because they are ‘BAD INFLUENCE’..Umm nope. Most of these people travel A LOT and their travel is very ground level which means they really absorb the places they visit. I had a Dutch guy school me on problems on the Indian mountainous roads and so on.

Now about the fear of being alone and not being able to talk to strangers: It passes with time. Really. I remember my first day in the hostel versus my seventh… and I could tell that there was a significant difference in my confidence to approach people, topics I picked up in conversations, people I picked out form the crowd to talk to… I know it sounds weird, but you improve at it.

Lets get to the topic we’ve been avoiding: GHARWALE!

I remember EVERYONE telling me ‘You’re the first Indian traveller I’ve met’ .As an Indian girl of 20 travelling solo, my greatest achievement so far-being born in the right family.

Travelling Alone? One might call that willingness to risk, but the truth is, it’s just a willingness to experience. For, your everyday morning tea could be your slow killer yet you agree to risk it,how come? Because it is free of social stigmas,no one is judging you for it or better yet because everyone is doing it?
So here’s to my family for setting their own rules, making it unnecessary for me to break them ,rather a task to live upto them!
This trip,which I hope was a start for many more to come, has been an eye opener.I do realise that had I not travelled and met so many people,I still would’ve experienced a world’s worth of generosity,affection and kindness right at my home,but the fact that I did travel has made me realise the value of what I have!
PS: Please let me know if you read this series of blogs and what you thought of them? Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me (I’d be happy to try and answer). Anything I should’ve added or done differently? OMG,HELP ME.




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