The Dream Resume

Konpal Patni

Apartment  with a Character,

Affordable yet fancy-ish

In a happening part of Mumbai

My childhood email id-smilingsherry06@jumbo.com?


Ordinary girl with a lot of stories.


Worked on a farm

Hardened by the labour, humbled by the harvest.

Worked in a small scale industry

Sharpened by working under pressures, risks and constraints of small scale industries.

Worked Closely with Wildlife 

Sensitised by conversations with those who can’t speak.

Worked at a Museum 

(Cliche Alert) Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Worked in Tourism

To know what drives others to travel.

Worked in a Big Ass Firm 

(Cliche Alert)To be a small fish in a big pond

Volunteer work in water stressed rural areas

If I were to bear,even for a few days, the challenges that millions in India face on a daily basis,I am certain my perspective and priorities would change.

Taught children social science or languages 

‘Padhegi Bitiya, Tab hi toh Badhegi Bitiya’

Taught Yoga or Coached someone my favourite sport-Squash.

To share the immense pleasures and pains of being involved in sports.


Wohi, CBSE phir Dilli University phir Koi Journalism ka Diploma.


Map Reading,Carpentry, Gardening, Origami, Social Media Handling, Cooking, Stitching, Driving, WICKED SENSE OF HUMOUR, online banking, creaseless clothes folding, near zero wastefulness of food and complicated hair braiding.



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